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Getting Your Accounting Caught up for CRA

Whether you are a proprietor, or operating under an incorporated structure, there are a lot of filings to get into CRA each year. If you are late:

  • CRA (Revenue Canada) will be chasing you to get your filings in.
  • CRA may have assessed you and your company with estimated amounts because of late filing.
  • CRA may have seized your accounts and possibly your assets to get your attention to your non-compliance.

If any of these are occurring, you are probably getting stressed and need someone to step in and take control so you can keep working.

The Process:

Once we are retained with our set-up fee – we will do our own investigation with CRA as your authorized representative.

Most new clients don’t realize how far sideways they are until we conduct this research.

Once we understand what needs to be done:

  • We propose a plan to get you compliant
  • Estimate the cost of the work required to get you and your business current
  • Determine how long it will take to complete our work based on your budget
  • Work with CRA to allow you to continue doing business while you catch up
  • Let you sleep at night!

Accounting Plans

Accounting plans to suit all your needs
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Our clients are able to focus on building their businesses with a group of experts that is ready to assist with most of the growing pains.

(All the while not losing time dealing with the bookkeeping, payroll, tax and CRA.)


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