A Complete Outsourcing Solution

A comprehensive package – priced annually.

The PROGRAM is offered on STANDARD DESKTOP or CLOUD BASED Quickbooks systems. Contact us for more details.

This package is broken into 12 monthly payments. A client must have all of their current filings up-to-date and must be in the first 3 months of their current corporate year to qualify.

Packages start at $300 + GST per month.

Program Packages include:

Back Office Administration & Consultation

CoVenture Bookkkeeping

  • Receive and respond to all CRA written correspondence
  • Receive and respond to all CRA phone calls
  • Engage with CRA in all Examinations or Audits
  • Annual Insurance Review – (if required)
  • Monthly Payroll Calculations & Remittance Reports
  • WCB Set-ups, Annual Returns & Claim Assistance
  • T4 Preparation & T4 Summary Submissions to CRA
  • T5018 Preparation & Summary Submissions to CRA
  • RRSP and Tax Driven Investment Advice
  • General Business Inquiries & Consultation

Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting Services

  • Monthly or Quarterly Sorting & Bookkeeping Services
  • Monthly Bank, Credit Card and Shareholder Loan Reconciliations
  • Quarterly Internal Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Review Letter with Recommendations
  • Quarterly GST Calculations & Installment Recommendations
  • Financial Binder for Information Archiving

Coverture Tax PlanningTax & Compliance Services

  • Projected Year End Tax Review (after 3rd quarter)
  • Annual Corporate Tax Return Preparation
  • Submission of Coded Returns to CRA and Provincial Tax Offices
  • Year End Report with Client Copy of Tax Returns
  • Year End Financial Statements
  • Shareholder Personal Tax Returns (maximum 2)

Accounting Plans

Accounting plans to suit all your needs
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Our clients are able to focus on building their businesses with a group of experts that is ready to assist with most of the growing pains.

(All the while not losing time dealing with the bookkeeping, payroll, tax and CRA.)


($150 VALUE)


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